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  • Lauren Fraser, MSc, CHBC

Horse Behaviour Problems: A Mentorship

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I'll begin taking applications shortly for an exciting new online mentorship program. Read on, or watch this short video for more details:

Designed for keen professional trainers, this mentorship will teach you how many common horse behaviour problems develop and introduce you to the techniques behaviour professionals use to address them.

This program is for you, if:

  • you are comfortable teaching new, wanted behaviours to horses - on the ground and under saddle

  • you currently feel uncomfortable with commonly suggested techniques for addressing horse behaviour problems, but don't know how else to otherwise address issues

  • you are committed to taking action to learn more about how behaviour problems develop, and the various ways behaviour professionals address problems

  • you may be considering offering these types of services in the future, once you have obtained more knowledge and hands-on experience

  • you appreciate learning from someone who has both practical, hands-on experience and an evidence-based education

Once you have completed the mentorship, you will feel more confident in your understanding of horse behaviour problems and techniques that are recommended by behaviour professionals.

One free scholarship spot will also be available for qualified applicants.



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