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Veterinary Referrals For Horse Behaviour Problems


Lauren uses evidence-based behaviour modification techniques to help horses overcome a range of behaviour and training problems, including: 


  • Aggression - biting, kicking, striking etc., at humans or other horses

  • Anxiety and fears - separation distress, specific phobias (needle, clippers, farrier etc.), trailer loading issues

  • Repetitive behaviours - cribbing, wind-sucking, weaving, stall walking, wood chewing, self-mutilation

  • Under saddle issues - bucking, rearing, bolting, spookiness

  • In-hand issues - bolting, poor ground manners

  • Management issues - aggression at feeding time, stall kicking, pulling back when tied, sleep deprivation


In addition to helping your clients address horse behaviour problems, Lauren can also help clients experiencing poor compliance with husbandry or veterinary care procedures. Lauren has many years of experience working as a veterinary assistant in both small and mixed practice clinics, and she is a Fear Free® Certified Professional.  She can assist veterinary clinics and their patients with low-stress training for cooperative care husbandry procedures or veterinary care, such as training for venipuncture, IM or SQ injections, the administration of oral or ocular medications, temperature taking, wound care and so on.

As many horse behaviour or training problems result from underlying medical conditions, a recent physical exam and/or diagnostics are recommended prior to referral. It is important to Lauren that you are kept informed of her work with your client. A consultation summary report is provided after the initial consultation, as are progress reports for clients engaged in follow-up sessions.


For out-of-area veterinarians who want to help their clients get qualified help, Lauren is also available for remote consultations.


If you have any questions or are unsure if your client could benefit from a consultation with Lauren, feel free to contact her for a no-obligation chat.




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