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Lauren offers three services for horse behaviour problems.



An initial consultation will give you immediate answers about your horse’s behaviour.


At the consultation, Lauren will carry out an in-depth evaluation of your horse, and factors that may be contributing to the problem. She will discuss her findings with you and what would be recommended to resolve or manage the issue.

While some behaviour problems can be resolved with one visit, others may need follow-up sessions. This depends, in part, on the scope or severity of the horse’s problem, and how long it has been occurring. Follow-up sessions include easy-to-use, personalized training plans that usually take about 10-15 minutes a day to implement.  Should you need help, support is available by email or text between appointments. 

Fees: Initial consultations $275.00 CDN. Follow-up sessions $100.00/hr. Additional travel expenses may apply. Please see our COVID-19 guidelines for in-person consults here




As it can be difficult to find qualified help nearby when your horse has a behaviour problem, Lauren also provides remote consultations. Thanks to technological advances, distance is now no longer a barrier to getting help for your horse - wherever you are.

If you are out of Lauren's travel area, contact her for a no-obligation chat to determine if the remote consultation format is appropriate for you and your horse.

Fees: Initial consultations $275.00 CDN. Follow-up sessions $100.00/hr. 



Similar in purpose to telehealth services for people, the horse behaviour triage hotline is a new, affordable way for people to get professional 'first aid' behaviour help for their horses when they need it most.


Through the hotline, Lauren can provide a general assessment of your horse's behaviour problem, answer questions about your horse's behaviour, and/or provide advice tailored to help you see an immediate reduction in the frequency or intensity of unwanted behaviours.


Please note, while this service can provide you with helpful information about your horse's behaviour, long-standing, dangerous, or complex behaviour problems are generally better served by the in-person or remote consultation formats. See the FAQ question, 'What happens if I need more help after a triage appointment?'