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Horse Behaviour and Training Mentorships


Are you an experienced horse trainer, with a particular interest in better understanding and resolving behaviour problems in horses?

Lauren offers one-on-one mentoring to a very small number of trainers each year. Application for mentorship is open to those who are already proficient in teaching naive horses new behaviours (e.g., accepting touch, being halter broke, being started under saddle, trailer loading, standing tied) and who possess a baseline knowledge of learning theory: operant and classical conditioning.

Lauren worked previously as a horse trainer and instructor, utilizing horsemanship training techniques. She has a special interest in working with trainers from similar backgrounds.

Mentorships focus on understanding horse behaviour, recognizing signs of fear, anxiety and stress, identifying the root cause(s) of commonly seen horse behaviour problems, as well as the theory and application of low-stress, evidence-based behaviour modification techniques to address these issues.


Mentorships occur remotely and are therefore open to applicants worldwide. If you would like more details about this one-on-one opportunity, don't hesitate to get in touch with Lauren.

Additionally, a similar, online group mentorship program will be available through the Understand Horses website in 2023. You can subscribe here for updates on the release of this program.


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