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Lauren has written articles and press releases on horse behaviour and training for various organizations and publications. Articles available for viewing will have a clickable link. 

Canadian Horse Annual (CAN)

Help for the Herd Bound Horse - 2024

Fear, Stress & Anxiety in Horses - 2024 

Be Prepared for Emergencies - 2024 

Finding Help for Horses - 2023

What is Pain? - 2023

West Coast Veterinarian Magazine (CAN)


Unwanted Behaviour in Horses: Is it pain? 'Behavioural'? Or both? - Winter 2022

Veterinary Referrals for Horse Behaviour Problems - Spring 2020

What is Cooperative Veterinary Care? - Winter 2018


Behavioural Euthanasia of the Horse - Summer 2018


Positive Veterinary Care for Equine Clinics - Fall 2017


Horses Behaving Badly - Winter 2016



The Horse (USA)


What is an Equine Behaviourist?  - June 2017 



Horses and People Magazine (AUS)


In The Line of Duty - January 2016



Baroque Horse Dressage Magazine (AUS)


The Hard-Mouthed Horse - October 2016



International Society of Equitation Science Conference 2013


Media Releases for the Conference:


Advancing evidence-based practices and learning in equitation


Arousal, attachment, and affective State


Development of facial expression pain scale in horses undergoing routine castration


Does the human voice have a calming effect on horses?


Evaluation of whip use and prevalence in elite and non-elite show jumpers


How much pressure are riders really applying to the rein?


Is there a need for improving the understanding of horse behavior?


Sport psychological skills in jumping riders


Two methods of measuring in-vivo pressures applied by a cavesson noseband


What about the other 23 hours of a day?




Contact Lauren if you would like to discuss her writing for your publication.









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