When horses have behaviour problems they often act in ways which are frustrating, inconvenient, or even dangerous. Lauren can help with a wide range of horse behaviour problems, such as:


  • Aggression - biting, kicking, striking at humans or other horses, aggression around resources such as food, water troughs, spaces

  • Anxiety and fears - 'herd bound', general anxiety, fears about specific stimuli (needles, farrier, trailer loading, clippers, fly spray etc.), spookiness

  • Repetitive behaviours - cribbing, wind-sucking, weaving, stall walking, wood chewing, self-mutilation

  • Under saddle issues - bucking, rearing, bolting, jump refusal, spookiness, refusal to go forward, laying down when ridden, unresponsiveness to cues

  • In-hand issues - bolting, poor ground manners, aggression, difficult behaviour during routine care (e.g hoof handling, grooming, tacking up)

  • Management issues - aggression at feeding time, stall kicking, pulling back when tied

  • Veterinary or husbandry issues - aversion to veterinary procedures or treatment, or routine husbandry

  • Unusual behaviours - falling down when tied or standing still, depression, unresponsiveness, inappropriate sexual arousal


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