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Horse Behaviour Problems?

You can love your horse, and not like their current behaviour.

When horses have behaviour problems it can be frustrating, inconvenient, or even make them dangerous to be around.


Horses behaving this way are often unhappy too. This is because things like stress, unpleasant emotions, confusing training, unmet needs, or even pain can cause horses to display unwanted behaviours.


Getting to the heart of the problem is critical. Help is available, worldwide.

Common Horse Behaviour Problems

Anxiety and Fear

Aggressive Behaviour

  • biting, kicking, striking etc.

  • aggression around resources (e.g., food, water troughs, spaces)

  • aggression towards people or other horses

Under Saddle

  • bucking, rearing, bolting 

  • jump refusal, has a 'scary end' of the arena

  • laying down when ridden, 'lazy', unresponsive or dull to leg or rein cues

When Handled

  • bolting, poor ground manners

  • aggression, difficult behaviour during routine care (e.g hoof handling or for farrier work, grooming, tacking up)

During Management

  • stall kicking

  • pulling back when tied

  • aggressive in the stall

  • aversion to veterinary procedures or treatment, or routine husbandry

Unusual or Repetitive

  • falling down when tied or standing still

  • depression, unresponsiveness 

  • inappropriate sexual arousal

  • self-mutilation

  • stereotypies (cribbing weaving etc.)

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