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When horses have behaviour problems they often act in ways which are frustrating, inconvenient, or even dangerous. Lauren can help with a wide range of horse behaviour problems, such as:


  • Aggression - biting, kicking, striking at humans or other horses, aggression around resources such as food, water troughs, spaces

  • Anxiety and fears - 'herd bound', general anxiety, fears about specific things (needles, farrier, trailer loading, clippers, fly spray etc.), spookiness

  • Repetitive behaviours - cribbing, wind-sucking, weaving, stall walking, wood chewing, self-mutilation

  • Under saddle issues - bucking, rearing, bolting, jump refusal, spookiness, refusal to go forward, laying down when ridden, unresponsiveness to cues

  • In-hand issues - bolting, poor ground manners, aggression, difficult behaviour during routine care (e.g hoof handling, grooming, tacking up)

  • Management issues - aggression at feeding time, stall kicking, pulling back when tied

  • Veterinary or husbandry issues - aversion to veterinary procedures or treatment, or routine husbandry

  • Unusual behaviours - falling down when tied or standing still, depression, unresponsiveness, inappropriate sexual arousal


No matter the problem you and your horse are currently facing, Lauren can help you understand why your horse is behaving this way, and address the issue using effective, low-stress techniques.