When horses have behaviour problems they often act in ways which are frustrating, inconvenient, or even dangerous. Lauren can help with a wide range of horse behaviour problems, including:


  • Aggression - biting, kicking, striking, at humans or other horses

  • Anxiety and fears - 'herd bound', general anxiety, specific fears (needles, farrier, trailer loading etc.)

  • Repetitive behaviours - cribbing, wind-sucking, weaving, stall walking, wood chewing, self-mutilation

  • Under saddle issues - bucking, rearing, bolting, jump refusal, spookiness

  • In-hand issues - bolting, poor ground manners

  • Management issues - aggression at feeding time, stall kicking, pulling back when tied


Why not just use my coach, riding instructor, or trainer to solve my horse's behaviour problem?

In the same way your coach, instructor, or trainer is a trained specialist in their unique discipline, Lauren is a horse behaviour specialist. With a Master of Science degree in a clinical animal behaviour, Lauren has formally studied animal behaviour and the techniques used to address unwanted behaviours.

How are regular horse training methods and the techniques used to address behaviour problems different?

Training problems and behaviour problems are different. While training problems generally reflect a lack of development of a desired skill, behaviour problems are usually accompanied by unpleasant emotions such as fear or anxiety. For example, horses who barge over handlers when the veterinarian tries to vaccinate them are behaving this way because they are frightened.

Routinely-used horse training methods can't positively address these emotions. Using such methods in an attempt to resolve behaviour problems often worsens the problem, or even creates new problems.

The techniques used to address unpleasant emotions, such as classical conditioning and systematic desensitization, aren't generally studied by coaches, instructors, and trainers. Behaviourists address behaviour problems by using these techniques to positively change the horse's emotional state, while also teaching the horse how they should behave instead.

Do I have to stop going to my coach, riding instructor, or trainer if I work with you?

Heck no! Just like your veterinarian, farrier, or instructor, Lauren can be an important part of the team of equine professionals you use to help you and your horse perform at your best.


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