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  • Lauren Fraser, MSc, CHBC

Triage Advice: Aggressive Behaviour in Horses

Aggressive behaviour is a common complaint of horse owners.

Aggression in horses may appear as threats such as ear pinning or kick or bite threats, or it can involve actions such as biting, chasing, kicking or striking. Aggressive behaviour may be directed towards humans or other horses. In rare instances, it may even be self-directed, where the horse bites themself.

Horses displaying aggressive behaviour are not only potentially dangerous to be around, the behaviour often indicates that the horse is experiencing a high level of stress and unhappiness which should be addressed.

In this Triage Advice series post, I talk about aggressive behaviour in horses, and how the triage advice I give to owners helps them see an immediate reduction in the frequency and/or intensity of aggressive behaviours before we can meet for a consult.

If you need help with your aggressive horse, I am available in-person for local clients, and remotely worldwide. #horsebehaviour #horsebehaviourproblems #aggressivehorses #aggressioninhorses #clinicalanimalbehaviourist #fearfreecertifiedprofessional #triageadvice



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