Expanding Your Horse's Comfort Zone - Part Two

If you haven't read Part One of Expanding Your Horse's Comfort Zone, it's here.

Welcome to part two, where we talk about:

  • ‘Just right’ discomfort: What is 'discomfort'? And how to choose an appropriate level when stretching comfort zones

  • Too much discomfort: What happens to your horse in Manure Hits the Fan Zone, and why it should be avoided during horse training

Discomfort and uncomfortable, for the purposes of this post, don't have to be dirty words. They both just essentially mean 'not comfortable'. After all, we are talking about taking an animal beyond a comfort zone in order to expand that zone.

When I talk about the horse being 'not comfortable', I need to make clear what that looks like. This might make you a bit uncomfortable yourself, because the amount of discomfort needed for a horse to expand a comfort zone might be less tha